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Map of Campus

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1.UniversityGate 2.AdministrationBuilding 3.Library
4.School of Literature and Communication 5.School of Economics and Law 6.School of Biological Science and Technology
7.School of Information Engineering 8.School of Science 9.School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
10.School of Fine Arts 11.School of Foreign Language 12.School of Medical Science
13.Comprehensive Teaching Building1 14.Comprehensive Teaching Building2 15.KeyLabBuilding
16.LabBuilding 17. SeniorCitizenActivityCenter 18.Gymnasium
19.TechnologicalBuilding 20.Supermarket 21.Outdoor Stage
22. No. 1 Students' Dining Hall 23.Muslims' Canteen 24.No.2 Teachers’ Dining Hall
25. No. 2 Students' Dining Hall 26.ExpertsBuilding 27. Students Dormitory
28. Teacher Hostel 29. Water and Electricity Building 30.Playground
31. Basketball and Badminton Court 32.Gate Ball Court 33. Museum
34.The North Gate 35.The South Gate 36.Modern Greenhouse

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